A Predictable Process with Revolutionary Outcomes

The process that we follow is one that just makes sense and it works. It produces results in many industries and all over the world.  We understand how to tweak the model to get it to work for your business in your city.

Build a Following. Building an audience on Facebook is not what it used to be.  It used to be free to build it and it provided great reach as most of your page followers would see your daily posts.  Now, you'll be lucky if 10-25% of your followers will see your posts.  It is now necessary for your to pay for that visibility.  It is still very affordable and it is great way to stay top of mind.  Building great rapport with your followers will allow you to gain additional organic reach via their shares.

Retargeting. What is retargeting?  It is stalking, in the best possible way.  Once a person indicates some interest or curiosity about your brand or offer, retargeting allows us to put the offer in front of them over and over again as they browse the internet.  Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes or golf clubs on a site only to have that retailer, the shoes and the clubs show up in ads on other sites?  That retailer is using retargeting.  After a few reminders or an even sweeter deal, they hope to convert you into a buying customer.  We can do the same thing for your practice and your offer.

Custom Audience Development. Facebook provides many tools to make the most of their user data and their fine-tuned ad platform.  They want you to get a good return on your advertising budget so that you will continue to spend it every month.  One way that you can gain an even better return on your investment over time is to get smarter and better at targeting the folks that are most likely to purchase from you.  We do this by developing several targeted custom audiences for your brand and then advertising to that group.

Perfect Patients for Your Practice.  Based on the precise implementation of a strong following, the proper offer, the best creatives for your chiropractic office, optimized targeting, retargeting and custom audience development, we can bring in the ideal patients for your practice.  Some common focus areas are:

  • Pediatric Chiropractor
  • Geriatric Chiropractor
  • Maternity Chiropractor
  • Personal Injury Chiropractor

Sample Chiro Facebook Advertising

We've discussed some components that make for great Facebook Ads for Chiropractors.

These include color and images, great headline, and targeting.

One thing that we saved for our examples is the offer. The best Facebook Advertising is the one that is able to match the brand with the offer and the target audience. An expensive jewelry company would target an affluent demographic with their beautiful product on a gorgeous model in an aspirational setting. Whereas a discount jewelry company might highlight a significant discount for bargain shoppers. All this is to say that the perfect ad is in the eye of the beholder and what might be a terrible ad for one business to run, might be the perfect ad for another business to run. That's why it is so important to determine your brand image, advertising goals and target audience before trying to create your ad.

Managing Social Media for Your Practice

Planning Ahead

With the right social media management tools and practice, you can put your social media plan on autopilot - almost.
Managing your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have never been easier. Keeping your Google+ profile for your business is essential to creating an online presence that is optimized, attractive and high-performing. But the hard part about building a thriving following isn't posting; it's knowing what to post, when to post and taking your vision from idea to actual graphics.

Hiring A Professional

Hiring Marketing 4 Chiropractic for social media management is a great way to increase the engagement on all platforms as well as making the most of your advertising budget on these platforms. We post engaging images and helpful content on your social media platforms as well as interact with your audience. We design posts to catch the eye of the community, to engage your followers and to create more visibility and loyalty to your brand.

We're on top of the latest trends in social media marketing, click funnels, chiropractic social media management, chiropractic Facebook ads post ideas, social media marketing articles, content creation systems.

We don't want to replace you entirely because the main idea behind chiropractic social media management is for your prospective patients to get to know you on social media. You're a busy chiropractor who doesn't have time to spend all day on social media so that we will do most of it for you.

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